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Walter passed away in April of 2017, 4 years after the initial diagnosis.  My vet was continually amazed everytime he came in for a visit.  While I cannot say that any of these techniques changed the course of his condition and  of course they could not change the outcome of the cancer,  I was able to make Walter more comfortable and enhance his life for the time he had left.  

 I have learned some great techniques that assisted him with pain, stiffness and aging in general. I have been able to use these same techniques with my clients in Florida and I continue to study and practice so I can continue to help your pets.  I am forever grateful to him for putting me on this path of wellness.and I miss him every day. 
I met Walter, AKA Pooky Scruffy,  in January of 2007.  He was at the SPCA Tampa Bay and I was  looking for a companion dog for my  Standard Poodle Louie G, who had just lost her BFF.

I had only had Louie G since May of 2006, an 18 month old puppy mill breeder.  Although she was sweet and beautiful she had no social skills and had no idea how to live in a house.  My other standard, Spike, a 16 year old  male rescue we had had for 10 years became her mentor and companion.

Theirs was truly a love story and when Spike passed Louie G was so sad she  would not get out of bed.  We had no choice but to get another dog for her.

When Walter first came home he wouldn't play with Louie G, "well Walter, I said, no play and it's back to doggy jail"  He knew what I said because he started playing with her right wasy and their great friendship began.

Walter broke all the rules.  No dogs on the bed, no more.  No dogs on the furniture, no more.  Walter was attached to me like no other dog ever.  I guess he was and is my heart dog.

In 2013 after bouts of UTI's we discovered he had prostate cancer.  This type of cancer in dogs has a  typical life expectancey of 6 weeks.  My vet was and is great, she gave me my options, which were not many and I made my decision.  We would start him on some Chinese supplements and see if it would contain or shrink the tumor.  In the meantime I started looking into alternative medicines,  studing canine massage which lead to studing Healing Touch for Animals, Western Herbalism, essential oils and Theta Healing.  

Some of the herbs he wouldn't eat, some of the techniques he didn't like but we kept him going and happy for 4 more years.