Four Balanced Paws
Pet Services
Four Balanced Paws

Providing Holistic Care for Your Pet

Canine massage, healing touch for animals,
Red light therapy and essential oils 
for the wellness of your pets
  1. Pet Parent Sessions
    Learn a home massage routine tailored to the needs of your pet. This is a one on one appointment. 90 minutes for $125 There is an additional travel fee for service more than 20 miles from my home.
  2. Canine Massage
    Massage will typically last 45 minutes. Massage helps older pets with stiffness and arthritis increasing range of motion, recovery post surgery, help warm up and cool down the canine athlete and more $55 per session *****SC residents must have a vet referral/release form signed by their veterinarian prior to any service as required by the state practice act. Click to download release.
  3. Reiki or Healing Touch
    This service is typically around 45 minute. They are intended to help balance and clear your pets energy system to help them feel more relaxed and aid in healing, through a variety of energy techniques. These services can include the use of essential oils. $55 per session
  4. Group Classes
    Now offering Learn to Massage Your Dog classes. Massage will review when to massage your dog, anatomy and a basic massage routine. $25 per person min/4 people Private lessons available.
Vet Referral
Good Food
All members of my family take these homemade goodies daily to aid with the aches and pains of life, help with inflamation.  I have been asked by several people to share my receipes, so here they are.  I hope you make them and enjoy them.  Please remember when introducing new foods to take it slow and increase as needed.  
Bone Broth can be an incrediblely nutriciouse food for sice, recovering or aging dogs, start off with a teaspoon and see how it is tolerated..  Golden Paste you should start with 1/4 teaspoon and increase.  I typically mix all of these with food.
Bone Broth
Golden Paste