Four Balanced Paws
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Four Balanced Paws
Providing Alternative Care for the Well Being of Your Pets

Touch is a basic element of a dogs well being.   We all know how dogs love to be pet,  energy therapy takes petting to the next level.  Through the use of a variety of techniques and focused intention, physical and psychological changes occur that enhance the animals’ well being.  It can aide in recovery from surgery or injury, emotional trauma and hospice care for your elder pet. 


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    Pet Parent Sessions
    Offering 90 minute sessions for the dog owner. I will evaluate where massage will benefit your pet and create a massage routine that you can use with your pet to help them live their best lives.
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    Canine Massage
    Canine Massage aides your pet by providing Relaxation and stress reduction. Helps build the human-animal bond Increase range of motion Aides with age related issues such as arthritis, General physical and psychological well-being.
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    Energy Therapy
    Animal Reiki and Healing Touch for Animals Reduce stress and anxiety Builds the human-animal bond Support animals through injuries, illnesses, physical and emotional trauma, abuse and grief Develop confidence for training and competition

Help your pet have the healthiest year ever.

Canine Massage  Reiki and Healing Touch can aid your dog with recovery from injury or illness, help with emotional trauma, assist the older or artheritic dogs be more comfortable and mobile.  Helps puppies become accustomed to touch and focus.  For the canine athlete it can help warm up and cool down after events to avoid injury.  And can help with behavioral issues.

During our first session we will discuss your pets health and assess any areas of concern.  From there I will develope a treatment protocol just for your dog.  I am also happy to show you techniques that you can use with your pet to help them between sessions.

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"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."
 Anatole France